Stone Cleaning, Sealing & Restoration

Granite. Marble. Slate. Limestone. Travertine.

Stone is a popular choice for its natural beauty, durability and relatively low maintenance. But stone is NOT maintenance-free. After installation, most damage occurs to stone due to neglect and using the wrong sealers, cleaning methods and products. The proper products and techniques for cleaning, sealing, maintaining, and restoring stone can be brought together only with experience. Regardless of the type of stone you have, GSM provides the knowledge, expertise and highest quality professional products for cleaning, sealing, maintaining, and restoring natural stone surfaces.

Do you have dull spots on your stone? Etching is a chemical reaction that leaves a “dull” spot in the stone when the porous stone comes into contact with acidic and/or abrasive products. Examples of acidic substances that can cause etching are vinegar, citrus juices, wine, tomato products, soft drinks, and some toiletries. Also, cleaners not specifically designed for use on natural stone can cause etching and dullness. Using the wrong cleaners, including Windex, Kaboom, 409, scouring powders, and even some natural cleaners, since many are acidic based, can cause etching and degrade the sealer that provides protection and time to blot/wipe up spills before etching can occur.

Stone sealed with a quality sealer allows you time to blot/wipe up a spill. No matter what you've been promised, there is no sealer or sealing method available that completely prevents etching.

If your stone has dull spots/etching, don’t panic, call GSM!

Does your stone have a dingy, filmy or streaky appearance? This is most likely grout haze, which is residue left on the stone from the grouting process. Call GSM. We can remove the grout haze.

Granite Sealing

Granite is the hardest, most durable stone surface. It's the stone surface most resistant to scratches and etching. However, to maintain its beauty and luster granite needs professional cleaning and sealing to protect it from spills, oils and water spots. Using the wrong sealers, cleaning methods and products can create problems that don’t naturally exist with granite. GSM knows how to properly clean, seal, and maintain granite. GSM can correct problems that have resulted from improper care and maintenance.

Marble, Limestone, Travertine, & Slate Cleaning & Restoration

These are all porous stones. Therefore, they are susceptible to staining, scratches and etching. To ensure the longevity of their natural beauty and luster, they must be professionally sealed and maintained. If staining, spotting and etching have occurred, don't panic. GSM can restore their natural beauty and luster, including repairing travertine fill and using stone enhancers to bring out the colors and natural beauty of slate, travertine and limestone. GSM’s stone expertise ensures that your stone surfaces are properly cleaned, sealed, maintained, and restored.