Grout Cleaning, Sealing & Restoration  

Grout is the primary reason tile and stone doesn’t look its best. Grout can stain, crack and show its age far sooner than tile or stone. Even new installations may look less than perfect because of problems with grout color, grout shading or grout haze that makes the tile or stone surface look dingy or streaked.

Whether an old or new installation, properly cleaned and sealed grout can make tile and stone surfaces look their best.

However, not all grout cleaning, sealing and restoration methods are the same. Compare the superiority of the GSM process and sealer for sanded grout:

GSM Exclusive Method is Superior
  • GSM Method: Our grout sealer provides a stain-free protective barrier that makes maintaining your grout much easier.
  • Other Methods: Clear sealers provide minimum protection against staining, and can discolor and wear off—making your grout increasingly more difficult to maintain.
  • GSM Method: Our grout sealer needs to be applied only once.
  • Other Methods: Clear sealers must be re-applied.
  • GSM Method: We can make old, dirty & stained grout look brand new again.
  • Other Methods: Clear sealers cannot fix discolored, dirty or stained grout. You just get more of the same problem with clear sealers.
  • GSM Method: We can correct grout color, shading and grout haze.
  • Other Methods: Clear sealers cannot correct grout color, shading and grout haze.
  • GSM Method: We can match or change grout color, while maintaining the natural look of the sanded grout.
  • Other Methods: Other products (such as epoxy stains) can chip and peel, and make the grout look thick, shiny and rubbery.
  • GSM Method: Our cleaning process protects the integrity of the grout.
  • Other Methods: Other methods, such as steam cleaning and many over-the-counter commercial cleaners, can damage the grout, leaving it brittle, missing and discolored.